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Addiction is a disease.  It can be unrelenting, uncontrollable and affect all aspects of life.  As with any kind of disease, the patient must receive the appropriate medical treatment.  We have the unique educational background, clinical experience and treatment expertise to start your path to recovery.



Saving Lives, Families, and Futures

The term "addiction" is derived from a Latin word, meaning "enslaved by" or "bound to."  Addiction hijacks the brain and becomes all-consuming in the person's life, even to the point of continued use even when their whole life is imploding around them.


Health and wellness are keys to loosening the bonds of addiction and opening the doors to a more fulfilling life.  It is so essential to feel well -- physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually as you travel on your recovery road.  When you start to feel better, you will be more able to make decisions regarding your future care.

Addiction treatment and detox require expertise and specialized care -- our patients should know that:  "It is WHAT WE DO. It is ALL THAT WE DO!


We are patient-focused; each person is unique and deserves individualized attention.  We never practice "one-size fits all" or "assembly-line" medicine.  We, as providers, are always mindful that each patient brings with them different physical, emotional and psychological backgrounds and life experiences.  We take the time to listen and assess your background and needs before formulating a treatment plan.  This approach allows us to optimize your treatment plan in order to maximize your results.

Our Philosophy





Physical address:

4402 Peach St., Suite 4

Erie, PA  16509

Tel:  814-616-0075

Fax:  814-281-5956


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Monday - Friday


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